What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

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March 5, 2018
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What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

You know that real estate agents buy and sell homes, but do you know what their entire job entails? The time real estate agents spend with the clients only accounts for a percentage of the hours they spend on the job. In fact, for every hour an agent spends with his or her client, about 9 hours of work goes on behind the scenes. Want to learn more about what your real estate agent might be up to on any given day? Read on!

Listing Agents v. Buying Agents
It’s important to understand the difference between listing agents and buying agents. Many realtors are both, but some focus on one or the other. Listing agents help you sell your home, while buying agents help you purchase a home. Both of these agents have distinct roles. For example, buying agents are more focused on researching new properties, while listing agents tend to spend more time on making homes for sale more marketable.
Research Properties
Most real estate agents spend a considerable amount of time doing research on newly listed properties. Not only can this be done online with special software available to agents, but many realtors spend time physically visiting properties, too. Real estate agents try to stay as up-to-date as possible on new and potential listings to better cater to their clients needs and wants.
Marketing and Networking
Real estate agents know the importance of making connections. They work on expanding their personal and professional brand with other realtors in the community. Networking is an important aspect of the job because it allows them to stay in the know and work well with other agents in the area.
Sweating the Small Stuff for You
On top of finding the right place for you, real estate agents also help make it yours. They help with everything from property inspections to paperwork and everything in between. Real estate agents also work with you to make sure you can come to an agreement with the other party on the price of the property you are buying or selling. The also keep everything running smoothly during the buying and selling process, smoothing bumps along the way and diffusing any drama that may arise.

Ultimately, your real estate agent should be doing all of these things on a regular basis to ensure their clients are satisfied and well taken care of. Need an agent you can rely on? Contact us today to set up an appointment with The Paul Paratto Team!

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