Tips For Selling Your Home

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November 17, 2017
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Tips For Selling Your Home

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Tips For Selling Your Home

Find A Good Realtor

Some think that putting your home up for sale by owner will save money. However, this is not necessarily the case. Putting your house up for sale by owner also does not necessarily save you any costs.

Realtors create more Buyer opportunities which drives price up and potential multiple bidding which nets Sellers more money even with a real estate commission.  Buyers know to negotiate down the cost of the real estate fee so why do all the work if the Buyer is saving the fee.

Price Your Home Right

While it may seem tempting to ask a lot for your home when you first list it, it’s actually better to price it fairly from the start. If the price is too high when the house is first listed, it may deter potential buyers.

Ultimately, this can slow the sale of your home, making it more difficult to get the price you really want. Being realistic about how to price your home will speed up the process.

Clean, Update and Prepare Your Home

Buyers want to be able to picture themselves and their families in your home. Limit the amount of photos and and visible clutter so buyers can imagine personalizing the space. Giving your home a deep cleaning, repainting and adding extra touches like fresh flowers all help give your home that something extra that potential buyers look for.

It’s also important to stage the outside of your home too, as buyers will be looking at all aspects of your house.

Be Flexible

When potential buyers show interest in seeing your home, try to be as responsive as possible. It’s best to leave your home during showings so potential buyers can feel free to walk around and speak about your home.

It’s also important to try to take your pets and kids out of the home, too. Often, you won’t know until the last minute that people will be coming to see your house.

However, it’s best to try and leave whenever possible so that buyers can get the best possible experience during the showing.

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  1. I agree, pricing your home right is definitely important and prepare your house to sell your house faster. Nice blog by the way. Thanks for sharing!

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