Tips for Moving into Your First Home

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Tips for Moving into Your First Home

Empty room full of cardboard boxes and cleaning things for moving into a new home

You’ve done your research, been shown countless houses, and have finally sealed the deal on your first home! Now it’s time to start the actual moving process. While this may sound tedious and overwhelming, moving into a new house can be simple if you take the right steps. Read on to learn about how you can make your first big move easy.

  1. Change your address — Head to your local post office at least a couple of weeks before you make your official move and have your address changed. This will keep your mail from going to your old address after you’ve vacated.
  2. Pack a box for your first day — Chance are you won’t want to dig through bags and boxes just to find your toothbrush after you’ve moved in. Be sure to pack your essentials in an easy-to-find spot so that you’re not stuck unpacking everything in one day! This can include things like toiletries and bathroom supplies, as well as plates and other kitchen items.
  3. Hire some help — Moving can be a pain, especially when you don’t have many people available to give you a helping hand. Researching moving companies and finding some reasonably priced assistance is often worth it and can make your move that much easier.
  4. Purge what you no longer need — Moving is the perfect time to get rid of things you will no longer need around your new house. If you know you won’t need certain items of furniture or just have old junk you no longer want, trying selling, donating and throwing away anything that doesn’t suit your new space. Having less items to take will make your move that much simpler.
  5. Pack your things strategically — Your boxes should be packed by room and labeled clearly. You don’t want to throw kitchenware in the same box as linens — this will make unpacking your things that much more difficult. It’s also important to label fragile boxes to avoid any damage during the physical move.
  6. Use the right boxes — While it may be tempting to skimp on moving supplies, using old or damaged boxes can be a huge mistake. The risk of them breaking or tearing during the move is extremely high, and this can ruin the contents inside. It’s also important to use the proper boxes and packing materials for fragile items, like television and mirrors. These may require professional packing, but will ensure that they do not break in transition.

Follow these simple tips and your move will seem effortless!

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